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Note: I can't vouch for the quality of all the materials offered on the external sites listed here. Some are more useful than others. Use your own best judgment. To report errors or to recommend sites to add to this list, please contact me.

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The Pali Canon

On-line editions

  • Ancient Buddhist Texts (Ven. Anandajoti Bhikkhu) offers a number of English translations of suttas and Vinaya texts, some line-by-line Pali-English translations (a useful aid to Pali students), and several metrical analyses of Pali and Sanskrit verse forms.
  • Digital Pali Reader (Ven. Yuttadhammo) is an extraordinary and highly recommended cross-platform tool for Pali students of every level. Allows intermediate Pali students to read the Pali Canon. Automatically recognizes Pali words and gives definitions from the CPED and PED, as well as DPPN if available. Includes text search and dictionary lookup.
  • The Pali Tipitaka Project (Vipassana Research Institute, India) contains the Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council, 1954-1956) edition of the Tipitaka, transcribed from the Myanmar print edition.
  • The Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project (SLTP) (in association with the Journal of Buddhist Ethics) offers a free public-domain edition (ASCII text files, zipped) of the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka edition of the Tipitaka and Commentaries (in romanized Pali). Although this edition hasn't yet been thoroughly proofread, it's still a tremendously valuable resource.
  • Pali Canon Online Database (LaTrobe University, Australia) offers an online searchable version of the SLTP edition of the Pali Canon.
  • SuttaCentral's Online Sutta Correspondence Project enables one to identify the Chinese, Tibetan, and Sanskrit "parallels" or "counterparts" to the suttas of the four main Pali Nikayas — and vice-versa.

CD-ROM editions

  • BUDSIR — Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval (Mahidol University, Thailand) is a CD-ROM containing the Thai edition of the Pali Tipitaka and Atthakatha (commentaries) in romanized script. Cost: about US$300.
  • Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council) Tipitaka CD (Vipassana Research Institute, India) is a CD-ROM containing the Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council, 1954-1956) edition of the Tipitaka, transcribed from the Myanmar print edition. It also includes the Tipitaka, Atthakatha (commentaries), and Tika and AnuTika (sub-commentaries), all displayed in seven scripts, including Roman and Devanagari. Cost: varies according to shipping destination.

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