A Practical Grammar of the Pāli Language

by Charles Duroiselle

1st ed. 1906, 2nd ed. 1915; "2008 edition", as revised by Eisel Mazard

Updated October, 2007

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    Note: the romanization of the text follows a standard explained at pali.pratyeka.org; for a quick overview of the standard, consult the table of Pali alphabets provided in a single page here.

The "2008 edition" has a large number of technical improvements over my earlier efforts of 2006, with new tables, corrected errors, and a generally more legible format.

This electronic "Fourth edition" of the textbook was prepared by E.M., building on the earlier work of U. Dhamminda, with the following introductory note:

This book was first published in 1906 at the "Rangoon College" of British-occupied Burma; the second edition followed in 1915. An electronic text released into the public domain constituted the 3rd edition in 1997. The present edition of the electronic text has been extensively re-formatted to display the Pali text with Unicode compliant characters, and should not require any special fonts to display properly on a contemporary computer. I have made corrections to typographical errors, and have made aesthetic changes to the layout and sequence of the tables, but I have refrained from substantially revising or editing the text.
Eisel Mazard, Lao P.D.R., 2549 / 2006.

For further information, please consult the introductions to each edition included with the full text (of the PDF file).


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  • New "2008 edition" of the text, actually uploaded Oct. 2007.
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