Rongjiang to Kaili road, Guizhou, China


Starting from Rongjiang at about 7AM, the bus passed some truly spectacular scenery before finally arriving at Kaili around 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. This is one of the poorest areas in China, but also the most beautiful.

Bus interior, blurred as it kept jolting! A forest camp near Rongjiang.  We stopped to pick up passengers here.Thick fog and precipitous drops. Fog, mountains and trees.Fog, mountains, trees and rice terraces. Mountains, rice terraces and cloud.  this area was lucky in that it had electricity and phone lines.  Affording connections was probably another matter...Close up of rice terraces as we turn a corner. Workers building the road.  Minority villages in distance, with rice terraces in mid-ground.A rare, sunny shot of rice terraces!  Whoopee! Youngun' at a temproary roadside dwelling, probably used by road construction workers.We came to a halt due to a landslide, possibly caused by road construction workers' dynamite. Even here, in the middle of nowhere, Chinese mobile telecommunications systems are new and top notch.More cloud, more rice terraces. More cloud and rice terraces.  Chinese pine in foreground.Road construction workers. A rare, clear view of the top of some small mountains.Rice terraces, with bamboo irrigation in foreground. A friendly local came out to wave us on as we stopped.  I think we were stocking up on water for the engine.Steep mountains tumble away in to ... cloud?  The dizzying thing about this area is that you never can tell where you are, vertically! A bridge near to Kaili.  We arrived half an hour or so later.
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