gentoo + sangoma (wanpipe)

i put this page together since i couldn't find any decent resources on getting this stuff working.

i tried the gentoo standard emerge wanpipe, which after a bunch of warning messages died.

i tried emerge --sync, hoping an update existed, then retried. it didn't.

i tried #gentoo-voip but had no success finding anyone else with experience, interest or hardware.

i tried downloading the drivers direct from sangoma's FTP site and following their complex interactive Setup process.

i tried emailing sangoma, but received no reply within half a day (not really their fault, since i live in china and the timezone's opposite).

finally, i figured it out... so for the benefit of others, here's my recollection of how i got myself up and running.

the process

  1. emerge zaptel and take note of the version that is installed. when i did this, it was much older than the latest version, but it didn't matter.
  2. extract the sources again manually... tar zxvf /usr/portage/distfiles/zaptel-1.2.18.tar.gz (changing the version the the same you installed). remember the directory you put the sources, you will need to specify it in a minute.
  3. download drivers from sangoma's FTP site
  4. if you are running asterisk, shut it down... /etc/init.d/asterisk stop
  5. extract and run Setup. choose #2 (Zapata drivers) when prompted for kernel module building options, and use defaults elsewhere. when prompted for the zaptel sources, enter manually the directory you extracted them to.
  6. ln -s /usr/bin/wanrouter /etc/init.d/wanrouter to create a semi-functional init-script from the supplied default

Hope that helps!

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