weaponry gallery

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notes / key

(?) denotes a probable, but unverified, property.

mine types

pressure - these are designed to be stepped on or driven over
stake - these are designed to be mounted on a stake at a lethal elevation (head level or so). they are usually triggered by a tripwire in the vicinity
bounding stake - these are designed to propel themselves up to a more lethal elevation (head level or so), before delivering their real payload. usually triggered by a tripwire in the vicinity.
improvised - this marks equipment that can be improvised as a mine.

landmine museum, siem reap, kampuchea (cambodia), october 2000

the museum is run by a local, 'Mr Akira', who is still an active de-miner. some of his mines were confiscated from him circa 1999 by the government. his tourist-oriented (japanese/english signs are around, in addition to khmer) museum is easy to get to. it just north of siem-reap, on the way to the angkor ruins. any taxi driver will know how to get there. mr akira is fluent in japanese, english and khmer, and has been known to teach demining to those interested.