Why Windows is Silly

Twice within a year I've had massive data loss:
 - NTFS partition was 'damaged' by power failure or similar event.  When Windows 2000 booted again, it decided to 'fix' the partition.  The partition was then a non-starter, with all of my NTFS data gone.  I had approximately one year of non-recoverable data on that drive.  Reformatting and subsequent disk checking proved that there was no physical problem with the drive, which I am still using.
 - FAT32 partition was destroyed by who knows what.  When I went to boot my system, Windows 2000 ran at snail speed (15min+ to boot, slower than 'safe mode' normally) and I could not get explorer up.  By a process of deduction and subsequent linux boots I deduced that the FAT had been destroyed by Windows and even linux would not mount the partition (attempts resulted in an impressive series of errors).  I had to delete the partition record to get a usable instantiation of windows running, and sorting work I'd done on three months of digital photographs from a recent trip.

From this day (2005-01-07) I will never use Windows 2000, ME or XP accessible filesystems to store critical data.

(Previously I had switched from Linux back to Windows as I needed it for multilingual input.  Shameful, but I had no choice.  However, today Linux is also capable of international input in a user-friendly manner - so we don't need Windows any more!)

Viable desktop alternatives to Windows:
 - Mac
 - Fedora Core

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