Yandang Shan, Zhejiang, China



If you go on Chinese new year like we did, you can get past all the ticket booths for free!

Steam flowing past gauntlet of vendors.  Unremarkable (for this area!) mountain in background. Bamboo bridge inside waterfall scenic area built by local farmers.Eagle-like rock inside waterfall scenic area. Chinese tourists pointing at something or other, waterfall scenic area.Sun through the trees, and a sharp rock pinnacle. Waterfall scenic area. "Abide by the social morality!" sign.Waterfall area, with invisible waterfall. Tourists at base of waterfall.Viewing pagoda opposite the waterfall. Trees with waterfall in background.Strange bamboo boats for hire on waterfall pond. Various Chinese graffiti attesting to how beautiful the waterfall rockface once was (before it was graffitied and covered over with bamboo-raft hawkers).  An older pagoda is also visible.A building near the waterfall, and its surroundings. Tree branch over waterfall with coloured rockface.The waterfall pool is very clear, coloured by minerals in its deeper sections. Some of the flora inhabiting the waterfall pool.Waterfall from below. Looking back down the valley from the base of the waterfall. Ruidi in middle ground.Friendly bovine on the road back to civilisation. Scenery as seen from a local truck we hailed.Lingyan zone introduction, in Chinese and broken English. Some Confucian-looking fellow and myself for scale.Beat drum for world peace! Trail through the undergrowth...A brand spanking new temple, horridly occupying what was probably once a verdant clearing.  This is perhaps the best angle.  It must have just been built. Forest nymph.More mineral-coloured water. Trees, pagodas and cobbled paths - essential China.A ten-storey Buddhist temple hides in the crevice to the left.  The Dao temple sits, as is apt, more naturally visible. Looking over the temple wall and up in to the darkened crevice.Looking down from the temple gate on to nearby abodes. The temple gate.Looking up from the pool of water at the base of the temple. Water pool looking back #2.Dragon carving near the steps. Ruidi climbing the steps.The top of the temple.  Main Buddha image and Chinese making offerings. Golden Buddhas visible on the walls of the chamber. Looking back out of the temple from the summit.The rockpool at the temple base is still and highly reflective due to minerals.  Money can be seen. Bei Dou Dong sign.Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple. Inscriptions near the steps leading up to Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple.The steps leading up to Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple. The view from the front of Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple.Inscription at the front gate of Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple.  Its subject is "Building the Bei Dou Tong Temple". Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple decorative incense burner and mountains in background.Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple decorative incense burner and mountains in background. (#2) Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple Dao deities poster.Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple Dao deities poster #2. Local Daoist pigeon, Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple.Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple inscription. Yandangshan Scenic Area, Zhejiang, China. (2004-01-21): Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple habitation courtyard #2.Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple inscription. Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple as viewed from nearby outcrop.Looking back down the valley towards civilisation from an outcrop near Bei Dou Dong Daoist temple. Riverbed and stone bridge.Mineral water. The YAN DANG SHAN CHE ZHAN, or Yandang Shan bus stop, was useless on this occasion, with no active buses.  We had to hail one from the main road, which was only 10 metres away.
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